The Battle of Asakai – One Year Later!

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Who knew that helping out a corporation in another alliance would provide us with a piece of EVE history. “The Battle of Asakai” has been talked about a lot as one of the largest fights in Low-Sec. People talk about the Titan Pilot error. I prefer to talk about how we supported a friend and experienced something great. Seems every time we do something not of the norm we get something great out of it. So here we are, one year later, and it’s still exciting. “A simple operation went horribly wrong when a Titan pilot from the ClusterFuck Coalition (CFC) clicked the wrong button. Instead of warping his fleet to his location, he warped himself alone into the territory of the Pandemic Legion (PL). PL had a prime target with a solo Titan so they began the assault.” – The Mittani – Well… let’s talk about what really happened that night.

At the request of Sergei Alexi and RavenTesio (Liandri Convenant), Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry was asked to partner with them in the defense of their Asakai Moon 6 POS. It was coming out of reinforced around 01:00 EVE. We were the only groups in the mix on this Op. Liandri knew “Drunk and Disorderly” would make a showing. Both parties had large Null Corps on the “Batphone”. No one expected to use them for any other reason than to get some combat ships in to defend the POS.

At this time CCDM was a member of Templis Dragonaors. Not the executor. CCDM was based in Okkamon along with the Liandri Alliance. So we saw each other daily in local and dealing with Stealthware in Okkamon was a daily part of life. It was only natural that when asked to help we jumped at the opportunity. It was the culture of CCDM to support our comrades in arms regardless of the Alliance. Something we strive to promote to this day. It was the right thing to do. I will say the culture of Templis at this time was apathetic about other teams. We had multiple corporations not on the same page. So working together was not the norm let alone outside the alliance. We had no clear direction and it was only a matter of time that this alliance would be on the brink of self-destructing. Things would come to a head after “The Battle of Enaluri” though. I’ll save that for another article. Maybe our alliance two year anniversary?
So on 1/27/2013 (Saturday for us North American types) we geared up for support. Joined the Liandri Comms and Fleet. My second Shahai Shintaro and I were in Naga’s. We had team members in SFI’s, Black Birds, multiple tackle and Caracals on the field. Liandri had a fleet comp of Cruiser up through Battleship. Around 01:15 EVE we arrived at Moon 6 in Asakai shortly after the reinforced was done. We engaged a small fleet of “D-n-D”. Then someone shouted over comms “Cyno on the field!” So naturally we were expecting a hot drop. Minutes later someone said “Is that a fucking Titan?” We all laughed. At least for a second until we saw the entire overview get lit up. Not one but 3 Titans in under a minute with hundreds of ships showing up on the field.
Someone placed that “Batphone” call, a Titan pilot made a mistake and it was going down in the history books. I lost the Naga shortly after that. Took 20 minutes to warp out and return with my Manticore for no other reason than to watch the show and take screenshots. Word was now on the street of what was going down… 500 in local… 1000 in local… 2000 in local… Climbing! TiDi was 10%! Pandemic Legion, Goonswarm, Lost Obsession, Samurai Pizza Cats, you name it… the field was filling up. It took 45 minutes now to warp from Moon 6 to the Ikoskio gate. It was going to be a long night…

Here is the battle summary in relation to my Naga. You can see some of the heavies on the field with this.
The next day was insane. With thousands of wrecks and billions of ISK on the field people were ninja looting left and right. Trying to avoid the pirate Tornados looking to pick people off. It was a lot of fun and quite the experience. Not something you see in Low-Sec. Oh and that POS? We lost it however we did show up to support a friend and have a great experience in EVE.
Here are some screen shots not publicly seen before.

Battle of Asakai

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