CAL/GAL Micro Battle Update – Skirmish in the Citadel

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One aspect of the natural ebb and flow between two longstanding bitter enemies, is the development of new fleet comps. Rapid Withdrawal’s Svipul fleet has been a staple of theirs for a relatively long time. It is a highly effective fleet, with many wins under its belt. On the other hand, their Zealot fleet is a much more recent occurrence. Templis’s approach to fleet comps has been focused on finding working shield fleet doctrines. They have utilized the Gila for some time now, and recently deployed the Tengu. Seeking to test the new comp against a competent enemy, Templis headed over towards Rapid Withdrawal’s territory with the following composition:

11 Tengu
2 Basilisk
3 Scimitar
2 Hawks

Fortunately, Rapid Withdrawal decided to come out and fight what we fielded; twice. First with their Svipul fleet, and then with their Zealot fleet.

One of the zealots:

And their link boat:

The second evening Templis brought out their Gila fleet, seeking another round with Rapid Withdrawal’s Zealot fleet.

9 Gila
4 Basilisk

In good form, Rapid Withdrawal brought out their Zealots.

Loki killmail:

Both the new and old fleet comps worked well for Templis. It’s possible that after our recent success Rapid Withdrawal will tweak their Zealot fleet doctrine or perhaps break out something entirely new. Either way, Templis is looking forward to engaging RDRAW soon.



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