Cal/Gal Micro Battle Update – Skirmish in Nennamaila

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With no other intention than to seek out and fight with its sworn enemy, the Gallente, Templis CALSF formed up with a bit of a kitchen sink fleet:

3 Vexor Navy Issue
2 Augoror Navy Issue
3 Sacrilege
1 Ishtar
1 Deimos
1 Thorax
1 Vexor

1 Pilgrim
3 Griffins
1 Hyena
1 Crow
1 Celestis

3 Oneiros
1 Exequror

First stop was Sujarento, RDRAW’s current operating base. With no activity in system and an insufficient number of Gallente to offer a good fight, the fleet moved on. The fleet stopped in Nisuwa next, in search of Black Fox Marauders. The initial response in local was that the Templis fleet was too late for them. However after a minute, they claimed that they were in fact forming for a fight. The Templis fleet waited for about 10 minutes but the Gallente didn’t undock or let slip what their comp would be. The Templis fleet moved on towards Nennamaila where they encountered a Psychotic Tendencies fleet. Unfortunately, another Caldari fleet was looking for a fight so the meal was shared. The BLOC fleet started the fight as the Templis fleet jumped into hikkoken and warped to nennamaila. The FC hoped that the BLOC fleet could hold on long enough as it would be 30-45 seconds before Templis joined the fight. When Templis jumped in, many of the Battlecruisers were about 40km off the gate, but the Armageddon Navy Issue was much closer. The BLOC fleet seemed to be fine, so the FC called the most expensive enemy ship as primary.

As the enemy Battleship was dying, the FC sent pilots towards the enemy Battlecruisers to get tackle. Shortly after the Armageddon Navy Issue died, the enemy fleet decided to bail. Fortunately a couple Harbingers were caught before they were able to flee.

After looting the field, the Templis fleet was about to move on when word came from the Gallente fleet that they were ready for a fight. A scout was sent back towards Nisuwa to get eyes on the Black Fox Marauders fleet. Unfortunately, the Gallente fleet was rolling heavy as they brought 4 Armageddons, 3 Megathrons, 1 Typhoon, 1 Vindicator, 1 Prophecy, 4 Guardians, and a Jackdaw. The Templis fleet quickly coordinated with the other Caldari fleet and both setup on the Hikkoken gate in Nennamaila and awaited contact with the Gallente. Black Fox Marauders waited for a few minutes on the other side of the gate. Eventually, the Gallente proved deserving of respect and jumped into the combined Caldari fleets. The Templis FC was a bit worried because the two Caldari fleets were on seperate comms, only in cruisers, and the Gallente fleet potentially had lots of energy neutralizers. The first two targets were relayed in a chat channel as the Gallente jumped in.

Then the fighting started. You can check out a video of the fight on YouTube.

All-in-all, 3 Guardians and a Jackdaw were destroyed and, as luck would have it, this Vindicator was caught a few jumps later by the BLOC fleet.

The Gallente decided to escalate by dropping a Carrier against the pursuing BLOC fleet, so the Templis fleet came running to assist. Before things escalated much further, SnuffBox showed up in force which led to the battle ending and most parties leaving the area.

Looking back at the battle, the Templis fleet could have spread scrams better in order to keep the Gallente Battleships from re-approaching the gate. The FC could of directed the fleet to kill the fourth Guardian before it de-aggressed, instead of targeting the Vindicator. If you watch the video you’ll hear a bit about damps. I have to say the Sensor Dampeners likely did not play a large role in this fight as the Guardians locked each other immediately upon de-cloaking. This likely means scan resolution was not a factor for the enemy’s logi. On a positive note, the jams from the Griffins proved to be effective, and the multiple Energy Neutralizers likely contributed additional stress to the capacitor chain between the Guardians. Nevertheless, at the end of the op we all agreed it was a fun skirmish!

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