Cal/Gal Micro Update: RDRAW and Templis Lock Horns

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Rapid Withdrawal continues to prove itself a formidable foe. Having a competent enemy nearby has its advantages, as a good fight is only a couple jumps away. Templis CALSF has utilized this to get some large scale engagements.

On one occasion Templis CALSF brought their Rattlesnake battleship fleet out with Basilisk logistics. In response Rapid Withdrawal brought out Megathrons and Armageddons. When Rapid Withdrawal dropped three carriers, Templis brought in two dreadnoughts.

Snuff answered Rapid Withdrawals call and brought over a T3 fleet with Guardian logistics. One Templis dreadnought did not deploy his mobile depot early enough and got pointed upon exiting siege.

Despite the dreadnought loss, Templis enjoyed the fight and sought about getting a rematch. In the subsequent rematch Templis decided to bring an armor battleship doctrine consisting of Fleet Issue Typhoons, Typhoons, and Rattlesnakes, with Guardians and Oneiros. Snuff had a previous engagement in Minmatar space, leaving Rapid Withdrawal without their bat-phone. Rapid did not bring out their battleships, opting instead for a rail Ferox fleet. The Black Fox Marauders came over from Nisuwa to assist, bringing 9 armor strategic cruisers, 4 Guardians; likely with capitals on standby. Not knowing that Snuff Box was going to be busy, Templis contacted Northern Coalition in an attempt to combat Rapid’s constant calling of Snuff to assist. Northern Coalition brought over an armor strategic cruiser fleet with logistics, about 30 in total. Shortly after Templis landed on the field, Rapid Withdrawal came in at sniping range. Shots were exchanged, with only small stuff dying. Templis was able to get a warp-in and started to brawl with the Ferox fleet.

Once the fight began, Black Fox Marauders undocked from the station in sujarento. Unfortunately the Northern Coalition Fleet was spotted by the Gallente, and the Black Fox Marauder fleet headed home.

Templis was a bit disappointed that RDRAW did not bring their battleship fleet out but was appreciative for the fight and looks forward to the next iteration.

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