Gilas and Basilisk Fleet Skirmishes with RDRAW

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The Gallente Militia corporation Rapid Withdrawal reinforces one of our staging POS towers.

They initially come in primarily Ferox/Osprey fleet with support to finish it off.

Templis CALSF and fellow Caldari Militia pilots bridge in with a Gila & Basilisk fleet to engage them and successfully defend the POS tower.

While RDRAW was knocked down in this round, they rallied to re-ship and cut us off for a second fight on our way home. This time they brought an armor HAC & Guardian composition with some pretty hard counters to our set up.

Good target calling and piloting by our team helped us prevail but it was a damn close and hard fought fight.

In total, these two fights show some of the best fights against RDRAW in recent memory. Neither side batphoned third parties and both sides were content to brawl with roughly even numbers (~40/side) and decent compositions. In the end the butchers bill came out to about 2B lost on the Gallente side and about 800M lost on the Caldari side. All in all an awesome Thursday night!

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