Templis Moas vs RDRAW, Aideron Robotics, & Schneckt

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Templis takes to the field with 11 DPS T1 Cruisers (9 rail Moa and a pair of RLML Caracals along with 4 Ospreys and a link boat.

We first engage an armor frigate fleet piloted by the Schneckt & Aideron Robotics but their numbers are quickly bolstered by a large contingent of RDRAW pilots in Caracals and Ospreys.

We were significantly out-numbered and faced with some compositions we weren’t really sure we had a chance at beating with a predominatnly rail moa contingent given we were only in T1 cruisers, we threw caution to the wind and went for it. Surprisingly we came out with a surprisingly one-sided victory, not losing a single ship.

We can only imagine that their lack of common comms between war target groups, and the confusion given our manual piloting and no clear primary for them here led to us winning the fight and forcing their un-tackled cruisers off field.


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