Let the games begin! Alliance Tournament XIV!

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For the last three years we have applied to participate in the Alliance Tournament.  As an alliance whose “bread and butter” is PVP, currently fighting for the state, this was perfect.  Not only would it provide content for our pilots, it would also provide exposure for the alliance and ideally show the EVE Community what a formidable force we are.  Well that time has come.  Alliance Tournament XIV begins today.  After three years of applying we became the first Caldari Militia Alliance to participate in the tournament.  So not only was it historical for CalMil to finally be represented this year in the tournament, it became a first for Templis CALSF.  As you know the Alliance Tournament will be held over the course of three consecutive weekends starting today, Saturday the 1st of October, and ending with a grand finale on Sunday the 16th of October. It begins with a double elimination format this year and all of the action will be streamed live and for free on the CCP Games twitch channel!  Templis CALSF will have Alliance feedback, footage and commentary as the tournament progresses.  Not only are we excited to be a part of this staple of EVE, we are excited to represent Caldari Faction Warfare and Templis CALSF.  PVP is what we do.  Today we start letting the rest of the EVE community know how deadly we can be.

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