Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry

First and foremost we are a PVP Corporation. CCDM has been created to protect all State assets within The Citadel and Black Rise regions. We actively engage Gallente militia pilots who roam in Caldari systems, and Pirate fleets wrecking havoc on random Caldari Citizens & Pilots. However CCDM is not limited to just faction warfare, it’s also the obligation of the corporation to encourage industrial and Colonial growth in these sectors. With this intention, enlistment opportunities are available to all combat, industrial, logistics and mining capsuleer’s primarily from the North American time zone. In-Game Public Channel: CCDM CHAN CCDM Pilot Application Form

Chef’s Choice

Swedish speaking PvP-oriented corp with a love for cooking and explosions located in lowsec. And so the story... The conflict had been brewing since the the Gallente introduced the first fast-fried-fat-food restaurant in Caldari space. However, the greatest outcry came when they introduced their new flag ship; a deep fried hamburger. Gord-hon Ramzeh, the Overchef of the Culinary State Buru, often considered the most powerful establisment in the grand company that is the state (as even powerful folks are hungry), immediately requested that the Caldari chef's should be sent on a mission of mercy to Gallente space, helping those in dire need of culinary help. The Gallente refused the offer, and later, when the magazine Chef du pompus di mums-mums, published statistics that showed that 9/10 Gallente citizens did not know how to boil an egg, there could only be one solution; war. The Overchef commanded out the kitchen troops. With knifes and aprons we fly to teach them a lesson and save them from their lousy curry skills. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but put it to the boil for two minutes, and add a pitch of ginger and voila! After years of fighting, the chefs found a lonely planet deep inside wormhole space. On it, they found their savior. HE told us that all that could not cook properly should be punished. And so we fight, screaming out his battlecry; BORK! BORK! BORK! For Head-chef business (CEO-stuff), contact Mattin241 For veggie-chef business (drama when Mattin241 is unavailable), contact Costodes OldMadLady Recruitment, contact Mattin241 or Costodes OldMadLady AD: Chef's Choice - Swedish speaking mature PvP-corp

Caldari Insane Asylum

Description Coming Soon(TM)...

Kill Them With Kindness

If you're feeling like you're not making enough isk, if you wanna learn how to pvp because you can't seem to get a kill or survive in a fight come chat to us. Kill Them With Kindness - SHOOT THE THINGS We're a small but growing corporation fighting on the Caldari side of Faction Warfare. Newbros & Veterans alike are more than welcome to join. Getting paid to PvP is one of the best features of EVE and if you wanna learn how APPLY TODAY!!! Public Channel Kill Them With Kindness

Outcast Marine SF

The goal of this New corp is to eliminate restrictions of Capsuleers. To do what we want when we want and not be tied to a corporation that only does one thing, Do incursions for a while, do FW for a while. help the ammar empire fight off the invasion in Incursions.. actually experience the game the way i think it was meant to be played. Because EVE never stays the same so neither should we. However the Corp will remain with Caldari Militia in FW. Lets face it, only ever doing one thing your entire time in eve gets boring after a while. If we feel like doing incursions for example, we'll do them. That being said i want an elite group, i don't want 1000's of players in the corp mega corporation isn't my goal. I live by the idea that everyone trained differently so Doctrines will not be a necessity when flying under my command. Fly what you trained for and what you are best with. however that being said Doctrines are sometimes needed in FW so at least be ready to fly different sized ships when needed wether it be dessy's down and things like that. Pledge yourself to the Corp, FW, The alliance. Die Well doing it. FULL API KEY WILL BE REQUIRED PER TEMPLIS ALLIANCE PROTOCOL. WHO'S WITH ME?! FLY FREE! DIE WELL!

Xeilias Inc.

Xeilias inc needs you! We are a pvp oriented corperation looking for reliable members to join us as part of the Caldari Militia. What we offer. :Stability :PvP :New player training program :Experienced FC's :Alliance infratructure to include transport and a seeded low sec market. :Sister corp that manufactures ships and ammunition, if you are interested in that aspect of the game contact venmis for their information. Resources :Teamspeak 3 :Discord What Our Ops look like :Small gang Warfare :Offensive and Defensive Plexing :Roams into Null sec and W space if there is interest. Public Channel: Spaceships of Xeilias

Templis Training Academy

Templis Training Academy exists to train pilots in PVP for eventual placement within a Templis CALSF corporation.

Bookhouse Boys

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