Small Gang PVP

A supportive culture of pilots who live, hunt, and kill in low sec space. We primarily fly small-gang, micro-gang, and solo PVP within the Caldari-Gallente warzone.

Faction Warfare

While primarily small gang, we also regularly field large fleets (25-50 pilots) to accomplish strategic objectives, get awesome fights with capital escalations or just to field test a shiny doctrine that we feel like flying. We also work with the Caldari Militia Coalition to support system siege and system defense efforts happening in the larger […]

Clandestine Operations

Sometimes you just feel like breaking up a pirate gate camp with a fleet full of Stratios faction cruisers, T3 Cruisers, Recons and Black Ops battleships. Yeah we do that too. Clandestine operations also includes our “Fire Base” operations of pilots on deployment pursuing specific objectives.